New Online Casino Criteria

We at offer more than just a list of the top online casinos in 2020 and 2021. We want to offer our readers only the best experience and help you keep a clear overview of the ever-growing world of online gambling. That’s why we create reviews for the best new online casinos on the market and take an in-depth look at them. For this purpose, we proceed according to the following criteria:

Web presence
Range of games
Bonus offers
Payment methods
Customer service

Why are there always new online casinos?

The question is easy to explain: The market is gigantic because demand is continuously growing. Casinos have always been popular with people from all social and geographical backgrounds. In the latest online casino, you can find the best entertainment, great games, and, with a little luck, win exhilarating amounts of money or non-cash prizes.

The present trend is that many things that were previously only available “in real life” are now also offered on the internet. And this trend will continue because the availability of the internet continues to grow. The speed of data transmission is increasing and offers fascinating possibilities that were simply impossible in the past.

Technology is also advancing relentlessly in the production of PCs, notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones. Graphic, animated applications with grandiose effects are becoming a real treat on smartphones. In the past, this was unthinkable. Now we are combining the positive trends: The allure of the casino and the advancing technology. The result is a billion-dollar market: new online casinos. Many operators want to get a piece of that. Therefore, players will find more and more offers. Who is supposed to keep track here?

New Online Casinos in 2021

There will also be one or the other new provider in this new year 2021. We can’t reveal too much yet but have already heard a lot in this direction.

Besides the new gambling regulation, you can register at some new casinos and take a welcome bonus with you. By the way, we expect many games on the internet in 2021 that are already familiar from the arcade. This is especially true for new gambling websites. We are curious.

The main attraction of new online casinos

Just look at the variety of games: classic table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker have always been sought-after casino games. They are joined by the former one-armed bandits, which conquered the markets in a wide variety of designs and are now called “slot machines,” “slot machines,” or simply “slots.” These are, in turn, divided into those that have individual fixed pay lines and those that have no pay-lines. They are available with only three reels, but also with 4, 5, or 6 reels. This results in an almost infinite number of different winning possibilities. Pair this with the other jackpot possibilities.

There are simple jackpot games. Here, a jackpot grows and empties with just this one game. But there are also progressive jackpots with insanely high sums fed by entire game clusters where you can even win proportional sums. There are also countless designs and themes for the slots. Motifs from film and television are just as popular as mysticism, comics, or playing cards of all kinds. In this way, up to 1,000 different casino games can be generated quickly, with varying winning chances.

Several software companies dominate the casino games market, but not all are equally good. Some shine with graphics and function. Others weaken in their usability on various end devices. Fascinating is the development of live casinos, which has rapidly picked up speed and is standing up to local casinos. Real dealers and croupiers sit in actual gaming rooms, operate real gaming tables, shuffle cards, and replace the computer-generated random number generator.

And finally, we sprinkle a little salt into the soup: real money! All these games can be played for real money stakes. So you can also collect total winnings and sweeten your evening not only with entertainment but a financial treat. And that’s not all. Almost every new online casino presents its players with all kinds of promotions and bonus programs. You get bonuses for deposits or even for successful registration. If you are a regular player, you get discounts and free spins, and the like. Even material and cash prizes are regularly raffled off on individual platforms. So there are plenty of opportunities to win.

How you can know which new online casino is good

By now, it is clear to everyone that casino nights can be appealing. If you ask a search engine about “online casino,” you will get umpteen various hits. The offer is immense. But are these platforms legal? Every casino that wants to participate in gambling must be regulated in an EU state and have an EU state license.

Classic licensing countries are, for example, Malta, Curacao, or the Isle of Man. These are known tax havens in the EU but are subject to European laws. If the license exists and the gaming site is regulated accordingly, nothing stands in the way of participation. But not all hits from search engines are equally good. The scale ranges from “lousy” to “illegal” and “dubious” to “completely convincing.”

License and programming

Your first look should always be at the license and seriousness. Who is behind the casino, what kind of reputation do the operators have?

If the essential prerequisites are fulfilled, then turn your attention to the visual appearance, the website. Does the site look appealing and straightforward? Is the user interface easy to navigate? Take a look at the range of games. Which manufacturer provides the games? Are there the games you like to play? Do they run on your computer/tablet or mobile phone?

Is there a live casino? What about bonuses? It’s not just the size of the bonus offer that counts, but also the conditions you have to meet to withdraw any winnings made from it. It is also essential that you can deposit real money or withdraw winnings in several ways. As far as possible, free of charges with generous limits. Finally, support is a criterion that can differentiate between “good” and “very good.”

New casinos from familiar faces

Meanwhile, gambling websites that are newly released almost always come from well-known companies that you already know from other casinos. Thus, one can usually immediately classify a new release to a certain extent.

Those who already have a successful project running well received by players usually also know how to make new casinos attractive. Sometimes the game collection is copied alongside other elements. Several gambling websites of a provider often have certain similarities to each other.

If a new online casino comes from well-known creators, then, of course, the reputation of the operator also plays a role. If the company has always shown itself from the best side in its previous casinos, then the new casino directly gets a leap of faith.

Transparency, fair bonus offers, as well as fast and reliable payouts, then pay off quite rightly.

Too many facts at once? Let’s go into detail

We at only list legal and reputable online casinos. All dubious platforms fall mercilessly through the cracks. This saves you the search for a valid license and regulation in an EU state. We usually start our reviews with a few sober facts. What is the name of the latest online casino? How long has the new online casino been around? What are the positive and negative highlights of our review that caught our eye? Then we get down to the nitty-gritty. We focus on the following points:

Bonus programs – are they particularly innovative?
Software/range of games
Payment methods

We end each review with a personal summary that reflects our overall impression.

Bonus programmes – what’s good / bad / new?

Because it never hurts, we’ll take a little dig to provide clarity. We start with explaining a term that will make for easier understanding: Bonus or turnover requirements. Because all bonuses that are distributed are subject to these. You have to have invested/wagered the reward or the entire starting balance often enough in games.

The winnings that are still on the player’s account after this total turnover can also be paid out. If such a condition in the new online casino’s terms and conditions states that a bonus received must be wagered 40 times, multiply the bonus you have received by 40. Only when you have invested a total of this amount in games with funds from the bonus can you achieve real or withdrawable winnings. If the condition is that you have to wager your entire deposit amount, including bonus, 30 times, add the deposit and bonus and multiply the sum by 30.

This is the minimum wagering that must be exceeded with your entire balance. You only have a limited amount of time to “clear” the bonus. The info pages about the bonuses tell you exactly how much. In this way, the operator avoids you securing large bonuses and immediately proceeding to payout.

In summary, the more complex the bonus conditions are to fulfill, the worse they are for you as a player. Where is the trend of new online casinos heading? More significant bonuses and more difficult bonus conditions? Or will the bonus amounts become smaller and easier to clear? Hard to say.

The variety of bonuses could hardly be more significant than it is. The most well-known bonus is the one that is available at all online casinos, whether old or new: the welcome bonus. In a way, it is the entry aid for newcomers or an argument that should entice new registrations. It has one thing in common in all cases: it is a deposit bonus. This means that you receive free bonus payments from the new online casino for the first deposit(s) of real money on your player account.

You start your gambling adventure with more money than you deposited. Often you will receive a percentage of your deposit(s) as a bonus on top. Sometimes you have to follow a deposit schedule to get the maximum bonus. If you don’t belong to the class of very eager players, better limit yourself to a simple bonus that is not too high. Otherwise, you won’t meet the turnover requirements and won’t get anything out of the bonuses.

Soberly summarised: Not every welcome bonus that looks like a great deal is suitable for every player. Think about what makes sense for you. The times when you could get 100% for up to 100 euros, which were released with 20-fold conversion, are over. In the meantime, people have become much more creative and versatile.

So-called no-deposit bonuses are awarded less frequently. The newcomers to the genre are also rather stingy here. You get these without depositing, for example, as a reward for registering. You get a small credit in the form of play money or free spins. You can keep the winnings if you have cleared them according to the turnover conditions. There is often an upper limit for the payout of winnings you achieve with this bonus.

Our last opinion

This bonus is usually small, but it is a nice little gift for taking no risk. You can only win with it. Especially a new online casino can attract new customers this way. After all, the gift should not be unexpectedly lavish. You can find details in the terms and conditions of the respective casino or our reviews.

aussie online casinos expected to grow more

Best Online Casinos for Australia 2020

Are you looking for an online casino in Australia that really suits you? The CasinoNow gaming portal will help you find all the information you need about Australian online casinos. Not only can you find information about the best casinos or which games to play, but especially where to get the best bonuses!

Casinos are plentiful, but which one suits you? Which casino gives you the most comfortable feeling when you’re playing from your living room or while traveling? Based on our reviews, every player, whatever their size, will find the casino that is right for them.

Both the websites themselves and the customer support, are entirely in Australian, by and for Australian people. So you don’t have to worry about English websites. Also with the support you can speak your own native language. Take a look at the best offerings of Australian casinos and make it up to yourself.

Recently, a website has become available that not only provides players like you with all the specific information about online casinos, tips for the games, and experiences to share from expertise. They provide an unprecedented overview of different online casinos.

New Players: New players can access this site for all the information they need to safely start gambling online. So you don’t have to worry about ending up at an unreliable casino.

Experienced Players : Experienced players can get even more information about the best online casinos available. And which casino provides the best VIP bonuses for example! Usually cashbacks are offered to experienced players. You can find more information about this with us.

Games on offer : We provide an overview of all games, including the latest promotions for games that have recently been launched on the market. So you can look up game experiences and find out how a game works. Think about the general explanation of a game and also about the winnings that a cupboard could give.

Promotions : The latest bonuses are shown here. So get back to it soon! Each time the latest offers are released on this site.

The facts are Australian online casinos at a glance:

Gambling is permitted in Australia, however, the casino in question must be able to identify itself with the appropriate licenses. These licenses are always shown on the homepage of the casino itself and can be combined with, for example, the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority).
A license is required for an online casino to offer their games. This proof is required for each individual country.
Not only should the casino be legal, of course, but also the player himself should play under his or her own name and be able to identify himself/herself when asked to do so. Usually this is done when registering for an account, or at a certain payout limit.

The world of online casinos

Local casinos have been around for centuries. Most of them are familiar with the cowboy stories in the Wild West, where casinos were the order of the day. By everything and everyone is gambling and in the present time it has only become more practical for humans.

Since the 90’s not only computers are on the rise, but the internet also determines the daily life of many millions of people, whether or not almost all people on this globe. From 2010 online casinos are also on the rise and this makes the Australianman happy. We are known for taking a risk here and there, and especially when we can do it from our lazy chairs! No more long rides to a casino in the region, no more entrance fees, but gambling via mobile phones or the PC, wherever you are, as long as you have access to the internet, you can find your favorite games online.

Online casinos are there to make it easy for us and to take the pleasure of playing in a casino to an unprecedented level. Bonuses, promotions. cashbacks and VIP bonuses, they all help to give the player, who is at the forefront at all times, the greatest chance of winning, but perhaps more importantly, having fun!

Top Rated Online casino Australia legal

Online gambling is fully legalized in Australia. Online Casino, slots, poker, roulette, blackjack … as long as an online casino has the right license, there is no problem to offer casino games online in Australia. This does not mean that every company will be able to start an online casino. There are of course strict requirements and conditions with regard to the prevention of addiction, fraud and protection of privacy.

At the moment the legislation regarding online casinos is in an important transitional phase. As it looks now, a licensing system will be established and casinos with a European license will also be able to apply for a Australian license. At the moment, the Gaming Authority has made some provisional conditions applicable to these casinos with European licenses, so that they can still offer online casinos in Australia without any problems. For example, they are not allowed to advertise on radio, TV, or other media. They are also not allowed to use the .AU domain name.

All casinos that are reviewed here with us have a valid European license and they also intend to apply for a Australian license as soon as the new legislation is fully elaborated and in force. For the time being, they comply with all the conditions imposed by the Gaming Authority. As a result, they can already legally offer online casino games in Australia.

As a player, you are also much better protected against fraud or gambling addiction as a result of the licensing system. You can also rest assured that you are playing at a reliable online casino that is under strict online gambling supervision and that adheres to strict rules regarding the protection of personal data.

All of us wouldn’t prefer to play at a casino that we are familiar with and feel at home with. A casino that we can also rely on to adhere to the rules?

What are the most reliable online casinos?

For a long time it has been possible to play at a casino through the virtual world. There are more than 300 different online casinos that each have their own image when it comes to the most important aspect. The player!

The thread of a good relationship is trust. When you start playing you want everything to run smoothly from A to Z. Not only deposits and payouts need to run smoothly, but also the software needs to be in order. The two most important points are the license of an online casino and of course the bonuses that are forgiven! Let’s just say we want to give you more information about this.

All the casinos you will find here all have one of the toughest licenses on the market, the MGA license. This license has been granted from Malta and allows players from all over Europe to play on these sites.

Say for yourself, suppose you’ve had a losing session and you get a second chance to not only make up for the loss, but even make up for it. Then the bonus is very decisive. We give you an overview of the best bonuses for Australian players with the lowest playing conditions you can find on the internet.

In short, no matter which casino you’re going to choose from the casinos we’ve selected for you, they’re all great. The best bonuses, the best service and the best game developers. All in a row so you can go through them all and start playing in a familiar environment, something that is crucial for us Australian people!

Reliability : As mentioned before, the Australian love to play in online casinos. The questions you should always ask yourself are: Which online casino takes the best care of his or her players and which online casino has the best advantages for me so that the odds of winning are the highest? Above all, how do you find out that the online casino you want to play at is so reliable? Here is an answer to this question. First of all, you can read a lot of reviews made on our website. There are also references of players that are of crucial importance. Furthermore, all information about the specific licenses can be found on the website of the casino. This way you can find out if they actually do everything according to the rules.

Important aspects : As mentioned before, having fun playing in an online casino is very important. Fun is determined by a number of factors. Such as : Range, benefits and how the online casino treats its players.

Entertainment: Fun is an important aspect in an online casino. For a player, fun is primarily determined by making a profit, of course. However, that is always a mystery. And that’s why it’s important that a player feels at home. For us Australian people we prefer that the customer service is in our own language, and that the casino itself is Australian. Enough choice!

How can you track reliable online casinos?

Reliability : As mentioned before, the Australian love to play in online casinos. The questions you should always ask yourself are: Which online casino takes the best care of his or her players and which online casino has the best advantages for me so that the chances of winning are the highest? Above all, how do you find out that the online casino you want to play at is so reliable? Here is an answer to this question. First of all, you can read a lot of reviews made on our website. There are also references of players that are of crucial importance. Furthermore, all information about the specific licenses can be found on the website of the casino. This way you can find out if they actually do everything according to the rules.

The ideal online casinos for the Aussie player

Are you looking for the ideal casino for you where you can feel at home and gamble with peace of mind? Do you feel a little overwhelmed by the huge range of online casinos? No problem at all! You really don’t have to look any further. We’ve put together a list of all the online casinos in Australia for you, so you’ll have an overview of what’s available to you at a glance.

best online casino australia

With us, you can immediately see which casino offers which bonuses and what their strengths and weaknesses are. In our reviews we provide a clear and comprehensive summary of what each online casino offers. From registration bonuses, deposit bonuses and promotions to customer focus and the highlights of each casino. We review everything so that you can make a decision right away and don’t need to do any additional research before you can really do what you came here to do. Play and have fun, right? In addition, we regularly update our reviews so that you can be sure that all the information is always relevant and takes into account all the latest developments.

It’s also convenient that these casinos have all translated their software and layout into Australian. Most of these online casinos have actually focused specifically on the Australian market. This means that all the rules of the game have been translated into Australian. All explanations about bonuses, deposits, payouts and so on are all in Australian. The customer service can also be reached in Australian. Phone, chat or email, at least you will be helped in your own native language. So you don’t have to worry about support in English.

As described before, it is important that the trust is very good. When you’re going to choose which casino you’re going to play at, it’s wise to take a look at the general picture.

Every casino is provided with a warm welcome. A nice welcome bonus that will help you to discover the most ideal game out of the hundreds of games. Almost all online casinos can be reached by computer, but recently also by mobile phone. When you feel like playing and you’re traveling or you’re at home with family, you can always bring out your mobile or tablet. They also support iPads and iOS devices!

What makes a casino ideal, are the many promotions. In local casinos there are hardly any promotions, while online you get one after the other! So pay close attention to what you’re playing in the promotional world. This can just earn you extra money!

Our team consists of real gambling experts with experience. Because of this we know how to distinguish real quality from the lesser casinos. We will personally review each casino to make sure you only have the best casino experience when you venture into the online gambling world. We’ll be happy to help you make the right choice of casino that really suits your personality and gambling habits. We wish you a lot of gambling fun!